Video: T.I.A. E.L.A.

8 Apr

Sarah Castillo and Roberto Marquez, created this great video discussing their interactive installation T.I.A. E.L.A (The Interactive Art Exhibit for Light Admirers), on view at the Kress Building. Check it out!

X MARKS THE ART: Light + Technology

25 Mar

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Currently on view downtown is the X MARKS THE ART: “Light + Technology” series. The series highlights San Antonio based artists and collectives who are activating vacant spaces downtown with a series of light and technology based art projects. Installations explore innovative uses of interactive systems, social media, lighting, and sound in the context of the busy downtown pedestrian experience. We are glad to present this exhibit of Texas based artists as a participating exhibition during  the 5th Texas Biennial.

Installations will be on view for as little as 30 days and up to 6 months depending on property availability. Keep a look out  to see these installations take shape, and check back here for updates. To learn more about the Texas Biennial, visit their web site:

Art Installations:

Jimmy James Canales + Ruben Luna
175 E. Houston St. (Old Texas Theatre Ticket Booth)
Beginning:  October 15th  (Complete)

Sarah Castillo + Roberto Marquez
T.I.A. E.L.A. (The Interactive Art Exhibit for Light Admirers)
311 + 313 E. Houston St. (Kress Building)
Beginning: October 13th (Part 1) October 21st (Part 2)

Jenelle Esparza  + Rigoberto Luna
Above the Horizon and Below
315 E. Commerce St. (Staacke-Stevens Building)
Beginning: Late October

Kristin Gamez + Mari Hernandez
Love Letters to San Antonio
140 E. Houston St. (Book Building)
Beginning: October 7th

The Lullwood Group
Feels So Brite
Originally on view at 231 E. Houston St. from Sept. 28th – Dec. 10t

Mark Menjivar
My Sadness Goes On and On
122 E. Houston St.  (Savoy Building)
Beginning:  September 12th

Taeg Nishimoto
shorelines (BTseries no.5)
w/ Britta Moe, Assistant
Originally located at 315 E. Commerce St. from Sept. 1-26, 2013
UPDATE: NOW ON VIEW AT THE VISTANA from  7:30-10:00 p.m. nightly (100 N. Santa Rosa St.)


3/25/14 “Light + Technology”: Artist Showcase, 6-7:30 p.m.

14 Mar

Please join us Tuesday 3/25/14, from 6-7:30p.m. for an X MARKS THE ART: “Light + Technology” Artist Showcase @ PASA Studio, 400 North Saint Mary’s Street, Suite 101


In honor of Contemporary Art Month, Public Art San Antonio is hosting an X MARKS THE ART: “Artist Showcase” to feature the artists who have participated in the recent X MARKS ART: “Light + Technology” series which is currently on view in various vacant storefronts in downtown San Antonio. The series highlights San Antonio based artists and collectives who are activating vacant spaces downtown with a series of light and technology based art projects. Installations explore innovative uses of interactive systems, social media, lighting, and sound in the context of the busy downtown pedestrian experience.

For the event images of the installations will be on exhibit and participating artists will give a brief 5 minute presentation about their current work. Light refreshments will be served.

Participating artists include:  Jimmy James Canales + Ruben Luna; Sarah Castillo + Roberto Marquez; Jenelle Esparza + Rigoberto Luna; Krisitn Gamez + Mari Hernandez; The Lullwood Group; Mark Menjivar; and Taeg Nishimoto.

“Shorelines 2″ by Taeg Nishimoto at the Vistana

14 Mar


Less than 30 days after Taeg Nishimoto installed Shorelines (BTseries no.5)  at 315 E. Commerce Street, the vacant storefront space was leased and the artwork was de-installed. We’re happy to announce that the artwork has been reconfigured at the Vistana’s lower level retail space facing Santa Rosa sreet.

Nishimoto’s new installation is titled “Shorelines 2.” Inside the Vistana storefront are several large curtains of folded fabric surfaces made from recycled plastic bottles on which light is projected each night beginning at 7:30 p.m. Industrial fans blow against the fabric from behind, giving the illusion of floating clouds in the night sky.   The vast, raw, unfinished  space poses a drastic contrast to the smaller historic storefront on Commerce where Shorelines was originally installed. This inspired Nishimoto to respond to the work quite differently. Instead of bringing his panels up close to the window glass, he pushed the panels further back into the space and used colorful lighting to cast dynamic shadows across the vast interior as they gently sway. The installation is set on a time to turn on between 7:30 and 10:00pm nightly and will be on view for as little as 30 days or up to 6 months depending on the availability of the property.

“Feels So Brite” Lullwood Group, 2013

7 Nov

“Feels So Brite” The Lullwood Group, 2013

The Lullwood Group is an artist collective that seeks to encourage audience participation, foster exploration and promote art discovery in many forms. Inside the storefront space at 231 E. Houston Street, the Lullwood Group has created a giant lite-brite along with a nighttime backyard scene including artificial grass, a picnic table and LED lighting. The lite-brite is connected to a motion sensor, so that as passersby come into range, the lite-brite brightens, greeting its viewers. Every so often the Lullwood Group plans to invite different artists to change the lite-brite pegs into a new image. In addition to their own multidisciplinary projects, the Lullwood Group curates exhibitions at 107 Gallery in the Lone Star Arts District on Second Saturdays. Locally, they have participated in Luminaria, first in 2012 with an interactive geocaching project and again in 2013, with a participatory installation titled “Binary” that transformed the entire Frida Kahlo Gallery at the Instituto Cultural de México into a playful  environment filled with white weather balloons and video projections.

The Lullwood group consists of Emily R. Barker, Chris Castillo, Esteban Delgado, Joseph Duarte, Joe Harjo, Clay McClure, Willie Sanchez, and Connie Swann.


UPDATE: The installation has been relocated and is currently on view at the Vistana (100 N Santa Rosa).

“Above the Horizon and Below” Jenelle Esparza + Rigoberto Luna, 2013

7 Nov



Jenelle Esparza and Rigoberto Luna’s installation includes side by side views of the horizon lines of their childhood hometowns: Corpus Christi, TX and Atascosa, TX.  They state that while  “everyone’s hometown landscapes may differ, they are all connected under the same sun, moon, and sky.” This collaboration has brought a digital landscape to the urban downtown environment of San Antonio that the community can interact with through social media. Esparza and Luna encourage viewers to share the sunrises, sunsets and moons above their own town by uploading their photos to the following social media pages:


Jenelle Esparza is a local artist and photographer who manages her own photography studio. Esparza works with many local artists as well as arts organizations including Planned Parenthood of South Texas, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, and The Paintyard.

Rigoberto Luna is a local artist, graphic designer, and San Antonio native. Luna has worked with a number of organizations including Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, Museo Alameda, San Antonio Spurs and Artpace San Antonio.

“Shorelines” (BTseries no.5) by Taeg Nishimoto, 2013

7 Nov
"shorelines (BTseries no. 5) " Taeg Nishimoto, 2013

“Shorelines (BTseries no. 5) ” Taeg Nishimoto, 2013

Taeg Nishimoto presented his installation Shorelines (BTseries no.5), with help from his assistant Britta Moe, at 315 E. Commerce St. from September 1-26, 2013. He created the installation using white fabric manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Illuminated at night, the fabric’s folds swayed slowly back and forth, which created a soothing interplay of light, shadow and movement from ceiling to floor.  This installation proved to be so successful that the vacant storefront was leased within the first month. A new location is currently being sought for a reconfigured version of the installation

Taeg Nishimoto is an accomplished architect and designer. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Waseda University in Tokyo and a Master of Architecture degree from Cornell University. He has worked for Architecktenburo Herman Hertzberger in Amsterdam and Kunihiko Hayakawa & Associates in Tokyo. In New York he had his own practice, Taeg Nishimoto + Allied Architects. In 2001 he moved to Texas as a tenured faculty member of Texas A&M University and in 2007 he joined UTSA where he is a full professor in College of Architecture.  He has been featured in numerous publications, and has been the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships. He has exhibited internationally in institutions as renowned as the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York, the Mori Museum in Tokyo, La Galerie d’Architecture in Paris, and CAPC Musee in Bordeaux, France. He is a licensed architect in Japan and in the state of New York.


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