“My Sadness Goes On and On” Mark Menjivar, 2013

14 Oct
Mark Menjivar, "My Sadness Goes On and On", 2013

Mark Menjivar, “My Sadness Goes On and On”, 2013

Mark Menjivar’s X MARKS THE ART: “Light + Technology” installation was completed on September 12th. He has created a unique space of connectivity conveyed through a participatory audio and visual experience installed in a storefront at 122 East Houston Street. The story begins a few years ago, while he was going through a particularly difficult time in his life, he came across a cactus that had died in a hard freeze. There was an instant connection to sadness for him. When he returned the next day to photograph it, the owner was standing over the cactus with a machete to chop it down. The phrase “my sadness goes on and on” popped into his head and he decided to invite people to submit the saddest song they knew to an on-going collection. To date there are over 100 songs that have been submitted by approximately 80 people from all over the world. His piece offers the widely accepted notion that listening to sad songs helps us to move through our emotion by creating connection.

Mark Menjivar is an artist and photographer based in San Antonio, Texas. His work explores diverse social issues through photography, stories and found objects while emphasizing dialogue and collaboration. His work has been shown at venues across the country.

For more information about Mark Menjivar and to submit to or access the complete playlist of sad songs please visit http://www.markmenjivar.com

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