“T.I.A. E.L.A.” Sarah Castillo + Roberto Marquez, 2013

15 Oct

15 17

Sarah Castillo and Roberto Marquez’s X MARKS THE ART: “Light + Technology” installation ,  The Interactive Art Exhibit for Light Admirers (T.I.A. E.L.A.) is an interactive installation at the Kress Building, located at 311 E. Houston Street. T.I.A. E.L.A. combines fiber art and technology to recreate two historic buildings along the E. Houston St. corridor. The first installation of the  Alameda Theater was completed October 13th. The second installation of the Kress Building is expected to be on view beginning October 19th .

Instructions for Interactivity
T.I.A. E.L.A. also functions as a WiFi hub and invites viewers to interact with the installation through T.I.A. E.L.A.‘s own secure server. To interact follow these 3 steps when within T.I.A. E.L.A.‘s WiFi range:

1) Connect 
Connect to T.I.A. E.L.A.‘s WiFi using your mobile device’s settings:
-network name: pasa-2103-alameda
-password: alameda210

2) Control 
Once connected, follow this link to control the light feature settings. (NOTE: link only works when logged into the pasa-2013-alameda network)

3) Remote View
While within T.I.A. E.L.A. WiFi range, you can remotely view what is occurring at T.I.A. E.L.A. via laptop and on some smart phones and tablets. Visit this URL for the video stream: (NOTE: link only works when logged into the pasa-2013-alameda network)

About Sarah Castillo and Roberto Marquez
Sarah Castillo is an interdisciplinary artist working in fiber and photography.  She received her Bachelors of Art and minor in Nonprofit Management from the University of Texas at San Antonio and is currently a Graduate student at UTSA in the Bilingual/Bicultural Studies program. She is a co-founder of Mas Rudas Chicana Collective and founder of Lady Base Gallery. She’s exhibited at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Artpace, Mexic-Arte Museum, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, The Institute of Texan Cultures and Slanguage. Roberto Marquez has a background in software development with Java technologies. He uses open source hardware and software in light-based products such as PIXEL and EL wire wearables. Project documentation can be found at http://electronics.onebeartoe.org/.


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