“Love Letters to San Antonio” Mari Hernandez + Kristin Gamez, 2013

17 Oct

Tirso_Sigg 003

Love Letters to San Antonio is a storefront art installation for the X MARKS THE ART: “Light + Technology” series that creatively documents city spaces that are not tourist destinations, but instead spaces inhabited primarily by Mexican Americans. Their multi-media installation includes large floating portraits of people who have contributed to the creative community in San Antonio, including Agosto Cuellar, Chris Davila, Ruth Buentello, and Danny Delgado. Behind the portraits a video showcases some of the most beloved communal spaces within the city such as Casa Guajardo, the Royal Palace and Hi-Tones. The installation is woven together with “love letters” placed on the glass and throughout the video. “We wish to highlight spaces that exist in the margins of our city to showcase their communal characteristics.”

Kristin Gamez is video maker, performance artist and media educator from San Antonio, Texas. She has a MA in Media Studies from the University of Texas and teaches Film and Journalism at Northwest Vista College.  Mari Hernandez is an artist and educator based out of San Antonio, Texas. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Through her work Mari Hernandez explores identity and social circumstance through a Chicana lens. Both Kristin Gamez and Mari Hernandez are members of the Chicana artist collective Más Rudas.

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