“Technomercado” Jimmy James Canales + Ruben Luna, 2013

22 Oct

“Technomercado” Jimmy James Canales + Ruben Luna, 2013

For their X MARKS THE ART: “Light + Technology” series installation, Jimmy James Canales and Ruben Luna have teamed up to create a “viewer activated video animation experience” inside of the old Texas Theater ticket booth at 175 E. Houston Street. The installation appropriates objects and imagery found at the Historic Market Square in downtown San Antonio.  A flashing red light prompts viewers to press a button that activates an animation displayed on three monitors mounted inside of the ticket booth. The animation transforms imagery from serapes and black velvet paintings into a colorful techno-infused spectacle.  Surrounding the video monitors, a collection of items have been assembled, including porcelain figurines, piñatas, antlers, racoon hats, and more. The project, like its title, Technomercado, is a cultural remix, presenting traditional souvenir objects as evolving technologically infused digital video.

Canales and Luna have been working together since April of 2010. Both natives of San Antonio, their projects have always integrated their personal Mexican American heritage, San Antonio Folk Culture, history, and current technologies.

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