“Feels So Brite” Lullwood Group, 2013

7 Nov

“Feels So Brite” The Lullwood Group, 2013

The Lullwood Group is an artist collective that seeks to encourage audience participation, foster exploration and promote art discovery in many forms. Inside the storefront space at 231 E. Houston Street, the Lullwood Group has created a giant lite-brite along with a nighttime backyard scene including artificial grass, a picnic table and LED lighting. The lite-brite is connected to a motion sensor, so that as passersby come into range, the lite-brite brightens, greeting its viewers. Every so often the Lullwood Group plans to invite different artists to change the lite-brite pegs into a new image. In addition to their own multidisciplinary projects, the Lullwood Group curates exhibitions at 107 Gallery in the Lone Star Arts District on Second Saturdays. Locally, they have participated in Luminaria, first in 2012 with an interactive geocaching project and again in 2013, with a participatory installation titled “Binary” that transformed the entire Frida Kahlo Gallery at the Instituto Cultural de México into a playful  environment filled with white weather balloons and video projections.

The Lullwood group consists of Emily R. Barker, Chris Castillo, Esteban Delgado, Joseph Duarte, Joe Harjo, Clay McClure, Willie Sanchez, and Connie Swann.


UPDATE: The installation has been relocated and is currently on view at the Vistana (100 N Santa Rosa).

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