X MARKS THE ART: Arte of Fashion and OPEN: Pop Up Shops

2 Dec


Now is a great time to visit downtown San Antonio. Not only are new fashion themed installations popping up as part of the X MARKS THE ART: Arte of Fashion series led by Tony Harris, but the City’s Center City Development Office launched the second annual OPEN: Pop Up Shops today which will rotate 21 retailers through four downtown locations every Tuesday and Saturday from 12-9pm this month for a unique holiday shopping experience. For more information about OPEN Pop Up Shops visit www.sanantonio.gov/ccdo

Here is the current list of X MARKS THE ART installations on view:

X MARKS THE ART: Arte of Fashion
• 311 E Houston, Analy Diego
• 313 E Houston, Joaquin Abrego
• 275 E Houston, Mitchell Mata
• Houston Street Garage (on 500 block of Navarro Street), James Lewis
• 315 E Commerce, Seeing Red, Tony Harris and Mitchell Mata

X MARKS THE ART: Redrawing the City
• 114 Soledad, John Tennison, untitled (nonbungalow), (on the roof of Solo Serve, Publicly viewable from the 6th floor and higher of the Rand Parking Garage)
• 122 E Houston, John Tennison, untiled (land of plenty)
• 315 E Commerce St., Darby Hillman, Vagabond
• 161 E Commerce, Julio Barrientos, The Undesirables
• 135 E Commerce, Julio Barrientos + Kate Garner, Untitled
• 124 E Houston, Kate Garner, Phrenic Transit
• 141 W Commerce; Julio Barrientos, Kate Garner, Darby Hillman, Hope Mora, Kameron Richie, John Tennison; Untitled

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