Light + Technology, 2013


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The X MARKS THE ART: “Light + Technology” series highlighted San Antonio based artists and collectives who activated vacant spaces downtown with a series of light and technology based art projects. Installations explored innovative uses of interactive systems, social media, lighting, and sound in the context of the busy downtown pedestrian experience. We presented this exhibit of Texas based artists as a participating exhibition during  the 5th Texas Biennial.

Installations were on view for as little as 30 days and up to 6 months depending on property availability. To learn more about the Texas Biennial, visit their web site:

Art Installations:

Jimmy James Canales + Ruben Luna
175 E. Houston St. (Old Texas Theatre Ticket Booth)
Beginning:  October 15th  (Complete)

Sarah Castillo + Roberto Marquez
T.I.A. E.L.A. (The Interactive Art Exhibit for Light Admirers)
311 + 313 E. Houston St. (Kress Building)
Beginning: October 13th (Part 1) October 21st (Part 2)

Jenelle Esparza  + Rigoberto Luna
Above the Horizon and Below
315 E. Commerce St. (Staacke-Stevens Building)
Beginning: Late October

Kristin Gamez + Mari Hernandez
Love Letters to San Antonio
140 E. Houston St. (Book Building)
Beginning: October 7th (Complete)

The Lullwood Group
Feels So Brite
New Location Pending

Mark Menjivar
My Sadness Goes On and On
122 E. Houston St.  (Savoy Building)
Beginning:  September 12th  (Complete)

Taeg Nishimoto
shorelines (BTseries no.5)
w/ Britta Moe, Assistant
315 E. Commerce St. (Staacke-Stevens Building) & The Vistana


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