The X MARKS THE ART program was focused in the areas surrounding E. Houston St. from N. Alamo to N. Flores Streets.

Participating properties benefited from having artists brighten up the look of their spaces, making them stand out as viable space for commercial use. Properties were highlighted as artistic destinations and were promoted on supporting collateral including our web site and print brochures. The artworks were temporary but they made lasting improvements to the properties and their surrounding area.

Artists submitting ideas and proposals were encouraged to explore areas downtown and propose new sites within our target areas. We worked to gain permission, but a level of adaptability was necessary as properties were frequently leased or inaccessible for various reasons.

Active Properties:

The Savoy Building, 122, 124, & 132 E Houston St.

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These properties lie within the historic Savoy building on an active block. Neighboring the Book Building, Cafe Punta del Cielo, Jay Salon, and Luke restaurant. The block is also home to a convenience store and deli. The three spaces are close enough that they could be used in a larger more cohesive installation that could span across the building floors and windows on a larger scale. 122 E Houston is the former space of Guerra Deberry & Company’s offices, a print media and PR firm. it has been renovated and is in great condition. The downstairs offers clean window exhibition space as well as electricity. The top two levels offer clean office spaces with hardwood floors and beautiful finishes. The property is actively being shown to prospective tenants. 124 was formerly a print shop. The space still has the old shop features such as a counter top area, storefront space and back office space.   132, is usable for window and facade installations. 124 and 132 do not have access to electricity. They are great candidates to experiment with solar, low wattage, battery powered LEDs, and to experiment with other creative lighting methods.

175 E Houston (IBC Ticket Booth), Transwestern

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The historic ticket booth at the entrance to the IBC bank could be utilized for an interior art installation.  It is right next door to Druthers deli and close to the Riverwalk. it has access to electricity and interior lighting.

231 E Houston, REATA Property Management

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This space was most recently home to Suede Lounge, a night club. It’s on an upscale stretch of Houston St. near The Palms Restaurant, Bohanan’s, and the Houston St. Courtyard. The interior space is open, clean, air conditioned, and has electricity. The large clean interior makes it a possible venue for publicly accessible events. It was used as a FRINGE venue for Luminaria, 2013.

The Witte Building, 135 E Commerce,  Zurich Properties

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Formerly a Chinese Restaurent, artist Mat Kubo transformed this façade during the Pilot Phase of our program by creating  wood cut-out portratis of characters from the neighborhood. The  façade has numerous historic details. It’s on a very busy corner near convenience stores, a bus stop, and pathway to the River Walk. It is best suited for facade treatments.

The Kress Building, 311 & 313 E Commerce,  REATA Property Management

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This building was constructed in 1939 spanish revival style  and is on a very active area of Houston St. leading to the Alamo. The space provides two, very clean window vitrine’s that are excellent for installations of almost any medium. There is electricity and built in lighting.

517 E Houston, Alvidrez Architects

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The future home of Alvidrez Architects. They’ve  built a clean exterior faux façade while they prep the space for move in. They are  open to having artwork placed on the façade or to having an artists create a subtractive project that cuts into the façade and has activity happening behind the wall.

The Book Building, 140 E Houston St,  Service Lloyd’s Insurance

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This building provides ample storefront window space and is right at the entrance to the Riverwalk. It can house a single large installation, or multiple installations. It’s in good condition.

The Staacke-Stevens Building, Ste. 101 & 102, 315 E Commerce St.,Hixon Properties represented by DH Realty Partners

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This  historic building has two suites available for either retail or office use. They are both beautifully finished out and are in an active area of downtown.  The suites are in excellent condition, with access to electricity and the possibility to be publicly accessible. There are two large walls overlooking parking lots that may be potential canvases for murals or projections pending owner approval.

211 N St. Mary’s St.

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This is a gated exposed area that used to be the old Potchernick’s Sporting Goods Store. The area is too unstable for public access but installations can be staged within the interior and electricity is available. There is a beautiful old elevator stored inside and the space goes back all the way to the River Walk. The gate on the front could also be utilized for artistic interventions.

110 Broadway, Zurich Properties

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This is a lobby leading to an office building on the corner of E. Houston and Broadway. It provides two symmetrical window areas where artwork will be viewed from both the interior and exterior. There may also be additional floor level suites available. There is access to electricity. There are planters lining the interior window sill.

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